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The Waterman Movie Teaser The Waterman Movie Teaser

Rated 5 / 5 stars

cool trailer

Short sweet, has a joke to it so it doesnt waste our time. nice. I have to be honest though, im not accusing you or making any claims! But i get the sneaking suspicion that this could have been accomplished by taking quotes of lesley nielson from seperate movies and stringing them together. Its sounds very genuine so I cant say for certain! But I noticed that his dialogue sounded like a series of 'one liners', then at the end his voice sounds a little different like you needed someone to say "what!?". Either way its either an amazing sound editting job or you actualy got lesley nielson! Like I said Im not accusing, just saying...

The Art of Fighting NS The Art of Fighting NS

Rated 5 / 5 stars

poor rocklee

I love the fight in the series between gaara and Rocklee, its awesome. Sadly rocklee loses, gaara is a fuckin hacker i tell you. He just sits there while he lets the sand do everything (his mom). Anyway this is one nice piece of work! You did excelent! Got my naruto blood pumpin

littleFoot littleFoot

Rated 5 / 5 stars

very nice

As before your animation is superb. Great layout, excelent scenes, nice directing and beautiful motion make this film the highest quality on newgrounds along with your previous. In fact attempting to say anything bad about this movie is humourous, of course i speak to kingpaladin. Trying to play it down because of "fan boys" and "n00bs"? Thats pathetic, why not admit your jealous? I mean this animation is so good your sure to get a good amount of posative feed back and im sure its not just from "fan boys" and "n00bs". Anyway this deserves a 10 and theres just no denying it.

O.N.E. O.N.E.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

very nice

Its a combination of rotoscoping/motioncapture (though i doubt it was motion capture since that would require a system rediculously complex for a flash) and 3d with cel shading. It was some very complete work right here, so im going to give you a 10 regardless of my feelings.

First off I must say that your taste in music... SUCKS beyond all hope and reason. Rap SUCKS, Brittney SUCKS, Boa SUCKS and yeah they all pretty much are spawn born from the unoriginality and poormusic intestine of satans rectum.

With that said your flash was very good albeit unoriginal. Was this possibly inspired by the rotoscoping/3d celshading movie that Kianu Reeves is staring thats being made? What else can I say... The dance moves while I'm sure are entertaining were just nothing more than dance moves, having only dancing made this animation lack substance. Why were they dancing? Whats the significance of changing the music and ending the same way? Were they friends? Were they enemies?
All im saying is it was lacking some substance, other than that great job, and a 10 just for hard work.

Nightwish Collab Nightwish Collab

Rated 1 / 5 stars

What an embarassment

Ok I'll say up front that I really dont like collaborations unless people can learn to actualy cooperate and create a film that looks consistent in style, animation, etc. But Nightwish is and has been my favorite band for many years and to besmerch and dirty this beautiful song with the completely pointless and unrelated crap is something that I find infuriating.

Dont get me wrong the animation is pretty nice in the way it looks but lipsynching 80% of the song and having special effects every moment shows that you didnt give a damn about artistic value or even understood the song other than "She must be sad!". Im might apologize for the lack of creative criticism but this seriously angers me to the point of me wanting to make my own Nightwish MV and posting it to show up a collab. You know what I thinkI'll try that, since if i dont vent it ill go crazy.

(I sincerely apologize to anyone offended by my rant, I now return you to your regularily scheduled reviews)

Starogre responds:

Go for it.

Stop Cryin Your Heart Out Stop Cryin Your Heart Out

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

well done

I thought it was very well colaborated, i dont believe it would be easy to bring this many animators together, and for that in itself its impressive. That out of the way it could have been much better, everyone having their own character lip synch to the song isnt so bad but the best music videos go far beyond that. They have story and substance and if you had collaborated around a set story or maybe even a set theme of somekind it would have been more than just good or great, it would have been breath taking, beautiful and inspiring.

Like I said this piece if a very great piece but it just doesnt have anything to set it apart from other collaborations. Im just encouraging you (all of you) to push yourselves further to become the best you can become.

Hoy te amo ++ Hoy te amo ++

Rated 5 / 5 stars

very nice!

Forget what that idiot 'TheCult' said. The character design was great, and the clothes they wore helped to give them personality. The animation was superb and I know from experience how hard it is to draw with the mouse. I can definitely appreciate the amount of work you put into this with the key framing and everything. Very nice peice!

Animash Animash

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


13 animators almost all of which are so uncreative they couldnt think of anything other than sticks. Hats off to the more creative guys though, and even though they were mostly stick there were like what, two good ones? Heres a little constructive criticism, if your going to make a compilation of animations you should coordinate with the other animators so they ARENT exactly alike, i mean cummon have a little variety at least, and IF your going to have a theme (and it looks like this one would be sticks and pointless fights) you should point it out in the title so people will at least think you did it on purpous. Because some were good and some were bad i give it both 0's and 10's so the compramise is a 5. and an overall 9 for the obviously high amount of effort put into this. nice work

Epilogue to Existence Epilogue to Existence

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You are a true artist.

This was an amazing animation, I have seen these "trailers" before but none of them are like this at all. All those others were just what they were. Trailers, stupid little previews for something to come, an annoyance. But this, this was brilliant. It was its own animation in itself, a preview not to another animation but to much more, to life itself. The narration was perfect and in regards to those ive heard previously on newgrounds it was almost professional in its quality.

Your message is so deep and so controversial, its like standing up against the status quo and threatening its foundation. I love this animation and im going to do something very rare and add it to my favorites!

Castle II Castle II

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It was a good animation but not a great one as some people were making it out to be. By the way many sounded i was expecting animation that was fluent and with some amount of energy, possibly similar to that of xiao xiao. Dont get me wrong your animation was good by some aspects. For example, some virtues i noticed were the directing, some nice 3d rendering, and a couple nice "flourishes" here and there (i particularily liked the one when he was handed the first uzi), you also had nice "follow through" in your characters actions. Some negative points though that i noticed were; the lack of energy in your movements which could be fixed with "ease in" and "ease out" aka speeding up and slowing down the animation within seperate actions instead of stiffly walking as if the atmosphere were made of water, your coriography was good in many parts but it just seemed as though you got lazy like the part where hes running up the stairs and holding the blade still and the people just stand in line to be decapitated, and the way they all slowly march and even walk by him while hes owning them all. I know its a flash being submitted to newgrounds and i shouldnt be so harsh on it, but a little constructive criticism never hurt anyone.

Get-lost responds:

Yeah thanks for the long review :)